Monday, 02 January 2012
My Christmas Eve by Bob Welsh
I just had to share this.

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 Monday, 25 January 2010
The Machine

This presentation is an amazing look at the world wide web. He not only makes some phenomenal predictions, he has a unique view of where the web and internet came from and how they’re growing.

This will take you well outside of the box, if you will allow this tired cliché.

Warm regards,
Rusty Campbell

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 Thursday, 14 January 2010
I Want the World to be Better Because I was here.

This may not be exactly marketing, but we all can take something worthwhile from this.

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 Wednesday, 06 May 2009
Mother’s Day

Here’s a video that you can send your mom on Mother’s Day. She’ll LOVE it, and you’ll make a whole bunch of points. You can send it to the other moms you know too.  You won’t regret checking this out. It’s free and great fun.

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 Friday, 27 February 2009
Key West Sunset

Ever so slightly off topic, but I wanted to share a photo I took from Mallory Square in Key West.


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 Thursday, 04 September 2008
A Review of Jordan Adler's book, Beach Money

Beach Money is about businesses that provide income even when you aren't working. The main examples of this are network marketing companies.

Though network marketing is considered by many a pyramid or Ponzi scheme, some network marketing companies are the real deal. When they run professionally and have a quality product, they can make a great deal of money for the participants.

Jordan Adler is one of the most successful network marketing distributors on the planet. He describes the road he took to get there in his book. He also gets into ways others can follow in his footsteps.

It's an enjoyable, informative read.

Find out more at

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 Thursday, 03 April 2008
The Geeks Will Love This

According to the BBC, a study by a US team for the Journal of Neuroinflammation, has shown that caffeine may cut the risk of dementia by blocking the risk cholesterol can inflict on the body. UK experts said it was the "best evidence yet" of coffee's benefits.

While the study is about rabbits, and how a barrier between the brain and their main blood supply was protected when they were given caffeine supplements, all the programmers out there living on their coffee, can rest a bit easier.

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 Thursday, 21 February 2008
I Felt So Fortunate To See The Lunar Eclipse Last Nightnbsp A Beautiful Clear Nightnbsp I Even Managed To Get A Couple

I felt so fortunate to see the lunar eclipse last night.  A beautiful clear night.  I even managed to get a couple of pics.

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 Thursday, 07 February 2008
Another Flood

I couldn't believe it.  We just had another flood that was high enough to put water in our street.  That means that many of the downtown businesses in Findlay, Ohio had water inside them.  Rather than try to correct what is becoming a frequent problem, the City if Findlay decided to build a shopping center right smack in the floodplain.

I put an aerial photo of the shopping center property during our August flood on I hope to get some ground shots I took yesterday on the website shortly.

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