Thursday, 14 January 2010
I Want the World to be Better Because I was here.

This may not be exactly marketing, but we all can take something worthwhile from this.

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 Tuesday, 01 July 2008
New Software

Microsoft came out with some freebie software that is really handy.  It's called Folder Share.  You can synchronize folders from your computers on your LAN or even across the internet.

Not only can you share files with friends, or from your desktop to your laptop, but it makes a very nice backup system as a hedge against computer failure as well.

You can pick it up at

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 Wednesday, 07 May 2008
More on Windows Live Writer

I just noticed a post on Rosalind Gardner's blog where she lost a big post by inadvertently deleting it. Another reason to post to your blog with Live Writer. It works very well, has automatic spell checking, auto-saves your drafts, and is very easy to setup and use.

You can get it at totally free. It's beta software, but it works quite well.

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 Thursday, 13 March 2008
Windows Live Writer

I'm trying out Windows Live Writer today to edit this blog.  It's a new free app from Microsoft. So far I'm impressed. Makes entering new info less of a chore, and it saves the drafts and posts in so they're handy.  It's at

It really does simplify the process.

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 Wednesday, 16 January 2008
Valuable Shortcuts

I ran across an article on web browser shortcuts this morning.  It contained some information that I found valuable.  It was at Coding Horror. It describes some shortcuts to use in your web browser.  Since this is the application most of us use more than any other, I thought I'd pass it on. It's not for the techies, they probably already know about them.

There are 5 shortcuts you may find useful.

1. The middle mouse button, aka the wheel, will open new tabs and close them when clicked.
2. You can navigate to the address bar with alt-d.
3. Navigate to the browser search box with ctrl-e.
4. Use alt-enter to open links in a new tab.

Along with these, I'd like to pass along some really handy windows shortcuts. I've run across a large number of folks who don't know about these. They are extremely useful.

1. Ctrl-x will cut selected text.
2. Ctrl-c will copy selected text.
3. Ctrl-v will paste text from a copy or cut, that is data in the windows clipboard, to a text box or document at the place your mouse cursor is.

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