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Down Alarm

One day I asked myself this question: "What's the single most important thing you need to pay attention to if you own a website?" The answer was immediate because it's so critically important. Yes, it was obvious that if your website isn't up and running then you've got no website. Not only will your customers disappear, but the search engines will ignore it. So that was it. I looked back at all the years I had an internet business and realized that the only days I didn't make any money were those times when my website was down. It's kind of obvious when you think about it. No website = no money.

After all, your customers cannot place an order for your product or service if they can't get to your website. It didn't happen everyday, but it did happen enough that I was lost an average of eight thousand four hundred dollars over a six month period simply because of all the time my website was down. And the worst part was that there's no way to predict when your website is going to go down. It just happens!

Unfortunately for me, it was happening late at night, and early in the morning when I wasn't around to check for myself. As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of all invention." Well, in this case, they're 100% correct. I needed some way to find out when my website was down. I needed something that could let me know for sure when there was trouble with my website hosting company. I wanted the problem to be fixed immediately because the thought of losing sales simply because nobody could get to my website was disturbing to me. Here I'd done all this work, spent all this time making my website, marketing it and paying for advertising only to find out my store was closed for business at random times during both day and night. I was so frustrated that I hired a programmer to create a software program that would alert me the moment my website went down.

Now I hear a beeping alert if my website ever goes down and I can see the all the information right on my computer screen. And I've got seven different websites so important that if one of them goes down, I know which one. This programmer designed this software with such simplicity that I can look on my computer screen at any time at a list of all my websites.

The ones that show a green light next to them are up and running. If one shows a red light, that means there's a problem with that site and it's offline. That beeping alert will let you know the second that happens. Now instead of losing all those sales while I was sleeping, I now have control over this problem and control over my website. These days I don't know how website owners can sleep when they don't know if their website is down and costing them money. This software has revealed some other valuable information. It tells me which companies have good, solid, reliable hosting and which ones don't. I should make a list of all the bad web hosts out there, so others could avoid them. In case you're wondering what I named
this software, it's called "Down Alarm."

Down Alarm will keep a weather eye on your web sites. It automatically checks any web sites you add to the list at the time interval you choose. If your site goes down, Down Alarm will flash a red LED to indicate an error.

You can download Down alarm here.

If you would like to see the Down Alarm website click here.






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